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We are a professional glass bottle processing and manufacturing enterprise. Our products are mainly exported to OEM and ODM. Through the SGS FDA certification, we have 4 automatic production lines, two manual lines, 50 tons of Nissan glass, and exported to more than 90 countries and regions such as Japan, the United States, Europe and Western Asia. Our products include: wine bottles, beverage bottles, perfume bottles, pickles bottles, canned bottles, honey bottles, coffee bottles, and insurance products. There are more than 30 series and 1000 varieties of health bottles, milk bottles, glasses, glassware, glass candlesticks, glass crafts, etc. Related supporting industries: the mold factory can make mold quickly according to the samples or drawings; the carton factory can customize various specifications of carton color boxes and other products; the bottle cap factory has full-automatic injection molding machine to produce various specifications of tinplate bottle caps and various specifications of plastic bottle caps; the grilled flower frosting factory can provide customers with samples of grilled flowers, frosting, lettering, bronzing, cutting and other deep processing.

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